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An Interview of your President - At the May 21st General Membership Meeting Jonathan Mitz was elected as the President of ASA of Metro Washington. His one year term began on July 1. Jonathan is an executive with Ennis Electric. I interviewed Jonathan for this edition of the eNewsletter.

Ike: What is your motivation for serving as president of the ASA?  

Jonathan: I have to admit that it was someone else’s idea to get me this deeply involved with the ASA. A fellow subcontractor, someone I will leave unnamed, saw the potential in me and suggested I join the ASA Board. Subsequently my involvement released the passion I have for advocating for the fair treatment of subcontractors. I am grateful to have been encouraged to join the Board and earn the trust to be elected as President.

Ike: I understand that your construction career has not always been as a subcontractor. What is your background?

Jonathan: A long time ago I earned a degree in Construction Administration from the University of Wisconsin. The next 30 years I worked for general contractors in various parts of the country principally doing project management. The last twenty of those 30 years I was fortunate to work for Grunley Construction. In 2011 I accepted an extraordinary opportunity from Ennis Electric to join their executive team.

Ike: How has your career shaped your view of construction relationships particularly the GC- Sub dynamic?

Jonathan: Each party contributes to its own success and to the success of the other. The GC has to plan and organize the construction process so that subcontractors can be efficient. The GC has to champion for the subcontractors in front of the Owner. The GC has to manage the requisition and change order processes with the prime directive to get subs paid as fast as possible. The subcontractors have to exceed the GC’s expectations while providing approvable submittals, on-time material deliveries, quality workers, and timely responses to inquiries.  

Ike: What are your goals for your term as President of the ASA?

Jonathan: Over the past couple of years, particularly under the leadership of Patty Peterson [past president] and Mary Whitlow [current president], the ASA has been building positive momentum by providing interesting and informative meetings, interactive networking events, increased membership, successful legislative activity, and new programming for the under 40 year old Frontrunners group. I believe our chapter of the ASA is one of the most dynamic, creative, and enthusiastic in the country so my first and biggest goal is to continue that momentum. I see a need and opportunity for increasing the educational offerings to our members as a new goal to be added to our momentum.

Ike: Is there anything else you want people to know about your role as President?

Jonathan: I hope our membership and prospective members see the ASA President as a resource to help their business. They should feel comfortable about calling me if an issue arises that I can provide advice or directing to one of the many pro-ASA experts in our great subcontractor community.


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