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Subcontractor Payment is Becoming More Fair

For years, subcontractors have learned to live with slow payments.  Most of us expect to pay after we receive a service, have a project completed or obtain an item – like a meal or a new tool, or even a new building.  But in the world of construction subcontractors, the company completes its work, pays its employees, vendors, etc and then waits around for 60, 90 days or even longer for payment.  One group is trying to make this practice fair.  That group is the American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington. Read Full Article  
Article (on Page 10) Published in most recent issue of  "Virginia Capital Connections" Magazine.  


The Subby Award for the 2017 Regional General Contractor of the year meant a lot to me personally and to our company because it came from our subcontractor partners.  We pride ourselves in understanding the cash flow needs of subcontractors as well as how important the schedule is to their operations.  Since we were the winners, I guess we do it pretty well.  - Buddy Henley, Henley Construction


"It is an incredible honor to have been named the Project Manager of the year by the ASA of Metro Washington.  I was amazed just to be nominated.  The strength of the Washington DC subcontracting community and the history of the ASA really has driven home the significance of this award and truly filled me with pride for being this year’s recipient.  Thank you again for this honor, for everything your organization has done to make me successful and to fuel construction throughout our region." - Brian Cummings, Clark Construction Group

NEWS FLASH!!  The National office of the American Subcontractors Association has recognized our own Mary Whitlow, who was president of ASAMW last year, with the national chapter President of the Year honor at ASA’s SubExcel convention in Denver last week.  The National office chose Mary for her superior leadership, the chapter’s membership growth, innovative programming, legislative successes, and financial stewardship.  Mary is a role model for our local chapter and for all the chapters in the country.  We already knew how great Mary is, now everyone knows!




Better Construction Through Fair Construction
“American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington promotes the rights and interests of subcontractors and suppliers by building strength in community through education, legislation, networking and professional growth."