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ASA of Metro Washington Announces its Accomplishments in 2016/17 for Membership, Educational and Social Events, and Advocacy.  


  • With 20 new members so far this year, ASA of Metro Washington (ASAMW) has grown over 50 members in the last two years.  We currently have 157 members.
  • The ten BEST General Contractors (those nominated for a Subby Award) support ASAMW through the Industry Education Support Group. 
  • The BEST professional service providers make up twenty percent of the membership.  They include attorneys, insurance, bonding, banking, IT and other professionals that support ASAMW and offer free advice to members.
  • A Marketing Task Force was established to enhance ASAMW’s exposure to the construction industry.

Educational and Social Events:

  • ASAMW averaged three events every month for educational and networking purposes, including joint programs with CFMA and NAWIC.
  • The 53rd Annual Subby Awards recognized the BEST in twelve categories of excellence.
  • Two excellent Golf tournaments were sold out this year
  • The Project Manager’s Workshop was re-instituted to provide six sessions of comprehensive fundamental training for 23 new project managers to become high performing professional project managers.
  • ASAMW’s Frontrunners brought up-and-coming young leaders together for networking and learning at fun events held monthly.


  • ASAMW monitors implementation of Change Order legislation that passed the Maryland Legislature last year to make sure subcontractors are timely paid on change orders for the state.
  • ASAMW is meeting with the Maryland officials to implement payment transparency for payment bonds as well as payment on public work.

District of Columbia:

  • ASAMW meets regularly with the Dept. of General Services to assure its payment transparency website is fully functional so that subs are aware when a prime has been paid by DC.


  •  ASAMW strongly opposed the transfer of risks to subcontractors on the Regan National Airport renovation as well as the unfairly low allowance for change orders and continues to monitor actions by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board. 

  • ASAMW is monitoring development of a transparent payment website that was promised after we removed legislation to accomplish it.  


Subcontractor Payment is Becoming More Fair

For years, subcontractors have learned to live with slow payments.  Most of us expect to pay after we receive a service, have a project completed or obtain an item – like a meal or a new tool, or even a new building.  But in the world of construction subcontractors, the company completes its work, pays its employees, vendors, etc and then waits around for 60, 90 days or even longer for payment.  One group is trying to make this practice fair.  That group is the American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington. Read Full Article  
Article (on Page 10) Published in most recent issue of  "Virginia Capital Connections" Magazine


The Subby Award for the 2017 Regional General Contractor of the year meant a lot to me personally and to our company because it came from our subcontractor partners.  We pride ourselves in understanding the cash flow needs of subcontractors as well as how important the schedule is to their operations.  Since we were the winners, I guess we do it pretty well.  - Buddy Henley, Henley Construction


"It is an incredible honor to have been named the Project Manager of the year by the ASA of Metro Washington.  I was amazed just to be nominated.  The strength of the Washington DC subcontracting community and the history of the ASA really has driven home the significance of this award and truly filled me with pride for being this year’s recipient.  Thank you again for this honor, for everything your organization has done to make me successful and to fuel construction throughout our region." - Brian Cummings, Clark Construction Group



Better Construction Through Fair Construction
“American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington promotes the rights and interests of subcontractors and suppliers by building strength in community through education, legislation, networking and professional growth."


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