ASA Metro Washington committees and Champions work to implement the goals of ASA MW and provide valuable insight on the issues facing the subcontracting industry. Participation in these committees enables members to have a strong voice in the programs in which ASA MW is involved.  Go to the Member Volunteer Checklist to volunteer to support ASA MW activities.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Develops and conducts programs to attract new members; develops prospect lists and develop programs to stimulate recruiting activity.

  • Bernardo Ahlborn, Absolute Builders, Chair
  • Juliane Medd, Goldin & Stafford 

SUBBY COMMITTEE:  Meets weekly to plan every aspect of the Annual Subby's Gala

  • Mary Whitlow, Wayne Insulation
  • Patty Peterson, Tindall Corporation
  • Rebecca Price (Chair), Engineered Services, Inc.
  • Katie Dellappa, Henley Construction
  • Tara Minner, Scaffold Resources
  • Jamie Hansen, Telligent Masonry
  • Kimberlee Driggs, D2 LLC
  • Carolyn Buckley, Acme Mechanical Contractos



FRONTRUNNERS: Identifies, develops and involves future leaders in the construction industry and ensures future leadership of ASAMW. 

  • Ameen Khouri, Shapiro and Duncan, Chair
  • Courtney DeCroes, Early, Cassidy & Schilling
  • Juliane Medd, Goldin & Stafford
  • Jason O'Neil, Innovation Energy (By ESI)
  • Kevin Reitzel, Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle
  • Will Billinger, Engineered Services


GOLF COMMITTEE: Plans and conducts ASA MW golf tournaments and formulates ideas for generating revenue.

  • Kevin Gass, Early, Cassidy & Schilling, Chair
  • John Robison, Ennis Electric
  • Tara Minner, Scaffold Resource 



  • Joel Rubinstein, Long Fence
  • Andy Cook, K&L Gates


SUBBY Awards Nominating Committee:

  • William Magazine, PCC Construction Components, Chair
  • Tatiana Ahlborn, Absoulte Builders
  • Cindy Athey, Precision Wall Tech
  • Carolyn Buckley, ACME Mechanical Corporation
  • Mary Whitlow, Wayne Insulation Co., Inc
  • Chris Pappas, Telligent Masonry


Executive Committee:

  • ASAMW Executive Board of Directors


Finance Committee:

  • Chris Pappas (chair), Telligent Masonry
  • Jeff Belfield, Scaffold Resource
  • Ron Churchey, Shapiro & Duncan
  • Mike Ritter, Long Fence
  • Brian Pollack (Advisor), Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, PC


Nominating Committee:

  • ASAMW Executive Board of Directors


Education and Programs Committee:

  • ASAMW Executive Board of Directors