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Executive Director's Report

Fall Golf Tournament at Westfields–  A great day was spent with ASAMW members and guests at our sold out golf tournament. Congratulations to the winners: 1st place: Sunbelt Rentals, 2nd place: Dominion Mechanical, and 3rd place: WCS Construction.  See you at the Spring Golf Tournament on April 19th!

Are We Maturing? As we get older we do not necessarily get more mature.  What is the state of the construction industry in the DMV?  The old concept of the GC as “Dad” and the Subcontractor as “Child” is not valid anymore, if it ever was.  How do we ensure that this inherently unfair balance of power is addressed?  ASA of Metro Washington is fortunate to partner with 11 of the Best GCs in the area to explore new ways to communicate and address our maturing industry into one in which GCs and Subs can be Partners.  The next step will be the Frontrunners event on Oct. 23rd.  If our younger industry colleagues can expose the concerns that create conflict, then we can begin to communicate about solutions.  See below and be part of the solution.

How Do Young People Avoid Conflict? On Oct. 23rd in Falls Church, a panel of young PMs and execs will discuss the elements that each of you face on the job site every day. . . Do we accept the fact that this is the “way it is” or do we try to change it?  All members should attend this session and provide your input on how we can make projects more successful for all by addressing our communications issues to result in conflict.  Click here to register.

No Let-Up in Building – Non-residential construction starts in August went up a whopping 42 percent, with an overall increase of 39 percent this year.  Residential is also growing at 18 percent in August and 17 percent for the year.  This is provided by Dodge Data & Analytics. 

Can Ken Help You Grow? – “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”   Michelangelo

ASAMW has partnered with Ken Hochkeppel and Enterprise Analysis to give member companies an outside perspective on how to improve performance and achieve your growth objectives.  Ken was the CFO at Ruppert Landscape, and has helped numerous construction companies achieve improved performance. Click here for an explanation of Ken’s offering and then contact Ken directly at ken@enterprise-analysis.com. This program is for member’s only. 

Not Too Early to Think About SUBBYs – Put Feb. 23, 2019 on your calendar to ensure that you will be at the 55th Annual SUBBY Awards Gala.  Each year it gets better and this year will be no exception.  Which GCs have you worked with this year who deserve a SUBBY Award?  Start planning now to make meaningful nominations. 

Project Managers Workshop for Subcontractors – ASAMW’s popular Project Manager’s Workshop will begin in the middle of January.  If you wish to reserve a spot early, then contact ike@asamw.org.

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Advocacy Issues


  • Virginia – Meetings are being held today with AGC of Virginia to work on language on a bill that will prevent a GC from holding your payment on one job for some lack of performance on another job. It is know as “right of offset.”
  • District of Columbia – A meeting with Councilperson Elisa Silverman has resulted in renewed interest by Phelps Architecture Construction and Engineering High School to find opportunities for its students in construction. Reply to this email if you wish to be included in meetings with Phelps. 
  • Maryland – With elections just a month away, reply to this email if you know of a deserving state or local candidate that ASAMW should support.

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Member Updates


  • Ryan Barnoski has become a shareholder with ASAMW’s long-time supporter, Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C.
  • Robert (Bob) Gawne – The industry and the association are saddened by the passing of Bob Gawne with Stromberg Metal Works, Inc. He and his firm were recognized for 50 years of support for ASAMW in 2017.

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