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Executive Director's Report

GCs Commit to Building Effective Teams? (Members Only) The area’s ten major General Contractors who are part of ASA Industry Education Support Group have committed to having their project managers present for a one-of-a-kind, team building exercise.  ASA members should send two or three of their project managers to practice building an effective team.  Seize this rare opportunity on Oct. 17th to learn how to build effective teams on any job site.  Dr. Jerry Teplitz will lead a three hour session on INCREASING YOUR LEADERSHIP POWER WHILE MANAGING THE STRESS OF CHANGE.  Click here for more information.  

Why We SOLD Out the Event on WIPs We hoped our Work-In-Progress Reporting educational event would be popular but never did we think it would draw such a large and diverse group of construction professionals.  This sold out event was attended by representatives of bonding companies, insurance brokerages, bankers, accounting firms, general contractors, and the many specialty subcontractors, who were in the majority.  Inaccurate, overly optimistic or overly conservative WIP reporting can have negative repercussions including tax penalties, added costs for lines of credit, increased bonding rates, and unpleasant surprises to a contractor’s bottom line.  An expert panel described the challenges and techniques for obtaining high quality data from operations personnel for use in decision making by all the parties that have a financial stake in the success of the company.   

MWAA Update As a result of the meeting with MWAA reported in the last eNewsletter, Stephan Smith with MWAA stated, “We are working on our review of our historic use of limited percent mark ups for changes on similar type construction.  Reality is that the same folks that are doing this research are engage heavily in the DCA and IAD construction programs.  I’ve given them until the end of September to produce a report and some analysis to show what we’ve historically allowed.  That will be the starting point for our review of the allowable mark ups on the Reagan National work.

Additionally, I attended Turner’s reception for this project on Sept. 7th and only met two members, although the room was full.  Since the Turner representatives did not mention the “safety obligations” (deductibles) I guess they assume everyone will read their bid documents.  There will be 70 trade packages.  The pre-bid meeting will be held on Nov. 16th and the bid process is scheduled to start on Nov. 11th.  The job will be 25% LDBE and 15% M/WBE.  

Women Who Build – Another popular event coming up is a panel of the women primarily responsible for the successful completion of the Payden Academic Center project at Trinity Washington University in DC.  What can we all learn from the architect, project manager, and owner’s representative who met the challenges of this job and managed the team to successful completion?  Click here to register.  

Why is Golf Important? The total budget for this association is less than $350,000, but we rely on fund-raisers such as the Fall Golf Tournament to continue providing the services you have depended on for 54 years.  Even if you are not a golfer, you can sponsor or join us for dinner to enjoy the comradery of your fellow members.  Click here for more information.

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Advocacy Issues

The associations that make up the ACE Coalition will meet today to determine the legislative agenda in Virginia, Maryland and DC.  Look for a report in the next eNewsletter. 

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Member Updates

  • Sandy Palmerton and Mary Beth Kingsley, from Shapiro and Duncan, wrote a great article in ASA’s The Contractor’s Compass.  If you want a copy of just the article, reply to this email.  You can access the entire magazine at this link.

  • Thanks for helping ASA of Metro Washington grow.  You can do your part.  Just ask another contractor if they would allow Ike Casey to visit them to discuss the value.  Click here to add a potential member  and we will take it from there.

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