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Executive Director's Report

What is Fair?  Prime Parties Panel will Address this on Tuesday, May 23rd  Register here for a panel discussion that promises to be a major step toward meeting our mission of Better Construction through Fair Construction.  The Owner dictates many terms and conditions that GC’s have to flow down to subs, but subcontractors have little or no interaction with the Owner.  This panel is for subs to better understand the needs and reasons behind certain risk transfer strategies that flow down.  Having both GC’s and Owners on the panel puts all the parties in the same room at the same time. Panel will include:

Owners:  Terry Busby, Urban Structures, Paul Elias, JBG, Eric Wayne, Avalon Bay

General Contractors:  Buddy Henley, Henley Construction, Don Free, Forrester Construction, Ken Collins, LF Jennings, Inc.

Click here to register.

The Annual Meeting, as required by the ASAMW Bylaws, will also take place at this event. 

Dues are Due: Please pay your ASA of Metro Washington dues promptly.  If you have not received an invoice in the mail, please reply to this and I will see that you get one.  Membership dues are a significant percentage of our annual income and determine our ability to continue to bring about needed improvements for subcontractors in the construction industry.  Thanks for your continued support. 

Are We Doing Good Enough?  It might seem that ASA of Metro Washington is riding a wave of success with an almost 50 percent growth in the last three years, but did you realize we had more members in 2007 (222) than we have now (157)?  What can you do to help us grow?  Here are some talking points to subcontractors, suppliers and professional service providers who are not members:

  • With a booming work picture, subcontractors are in a great position of strength.  Now is the time to make necessary changes to increase profitability for subcontractors.  No more financing construction.

  • Use ASA to help you decide who to bid and how to bid.  With enough work to go around there is no need to bid owners and prime contractors who are going to prevent you from making a reasonable profit.

  • Through ASA of Metro Washington you network with the most successful subcontractors in the DMV.  Learn from the Best how to be the Best.

We would like to be at 200 members in two years.  With your help, we can get there.  Your simple ask is “When will you meet with Ike Casey to discuss membership in ASA of Metro Washington?”  

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Advocacy Issues


  • Virginia –Yesterday, an email to the Director of eVA asked when we can expect the website link to payments made by the Commonwealth on construction.   His reply was “Long process working through our government red tape.  This is definitely a case where technology has gotten ahead of policy.  I hope to have good news for all of you within the next several weeks.”

  • Maryland. – A letter to Maryland’s Board of Public Works will request a hearing so that the State will provide Payment Bonds on a public website for State Construction.  ACE and ASA feel the time for total transparency has arrived to assure prime contractors are adhering to state law. 

  • District of Columbia – DC will improve its payment Website in a few weeks.  Board members Steve Groth, Cindy Athey and I met with DC’s Department of Contracting and Procurement to discuss improvements and were promised that in a few weeks the page will be easier to access from the DGS website, it will be searchable by the name of the prime, project number, etc. and later will include which specific subcontractors the payment is for.     

  • Federal ASA’s National office is also working on transparency legislation on the federal level.  H.R. 2350, the “Small Business Know-Before-You-Bid Construction Transparency Act,” is a bill incorporating ASA-initiated concepts concerning payment transparency and information available prior to bidding. Go to ASA’s Legislative Action Center for more information

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Member Updates


  • A hardy ASAMW welcome to our newest member, ATS Studios in New Market.  Anna Torre-Smith was on an ASA/NAWIC panel last January. 

  • PCC celebrates 25 years of excellence.  Its commitment to the people served has continued to result in sustainable work and a positive culture since 1992 (eight of its 25 years as a strong ASA supporter).  






















































































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