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Executive Director's Report

MWAA to Subcontractors:  We don’t care – A response to the letter we sent to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) in November was received on March 28, 2017.  A copy is available to members if you reply to this email.  ASA of Metro Washington’s basic concern is the unfair transfer of risks on MWAA’s Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) from the General Contractor, Turner, to the Subcontractors.  MWAA said “it is the specific business relationship between Turner and its individual subcontractors that governs this issue.” 

The other onerous issues such as subcontractor’s responsibility for an “Act of God”, and unfair mark-ups on change orders are addressed with hollow responses.  ASAMW will not let this issue die.  We hold MWAA responsible for tactics that place Subcontractors at risk.

MWAA’s Deputy Vice President of their Department of Supplier Diversity asked to become a part of ASAMW to develop a strategic partnership with our organization.  We will reply that MWAA needs to make the construction environment fairer for subcontractors before we will consider her request. 

Change Orders in Maryland:  We received a written response from the Assistant Secretary at Maryland’s Department of General Services addressing our concerns with the guidelines that have been published on Change Orders on construction projects for the state.  Please contact ike@asamw.org if you would like a copy of her response.  As mentioned in the last edition, we need information about the Catonsville District Courthouse job as this will likely be the first test of our new change order regulations.  If you are on this job or bidding it, please contact Ike.

SIE Next Week After War Stories:  Learn how the construction industry’s best professional advisors address common issues you face each day so that you will be protected and remain successful.  After this outstanding discussion, members will participate in one of the major reasons they join ASAMW.  The Subcontractor Information Exchange (SIE) gives members up-to-date, factual information about the business practices of GCs and other potential clients in the region.  There is no reason to bid a company that will not treat you fairly and allow you to make a reasonable profit.  So come and find out who is fair.  Register Here.  Remember SIE is for Subcontractor and Supplier members only.

Golf Tournament: The Annual ASA of Metro Washington Spring Golf Tournament sponsored by Henley Construction will be held April 21st at Whiskey Creek.  The tournament is sold out for golfers, but you can still sponsor.  Click here for the information to sponsor this outstanding tournament.

Work Picture in DMV Remains Strong: Dodge Data & Analytics reports fewer starts in nonresidential building in March with a 35 percent drop in activity.  Residential (single and multi-family) remained strong with a 46 percent increase.  For the year there is an overall 70 percent increase in construction starts in 2017 over the same period in 2016. 

Will you support ASA’s Advocacy Fund?  ASA of Metro Washington’s advocacy efforts are supported by volunteer funds from members.  Please click here to donate to the Advocacy Fund.  This is a restricted fund used only for ASAMW’s efforts to protect subcontractors in the legislative and regulatory bodies in the DMV.  Your support is appreciated.

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Advocacy Issues


  • Virginia – The public website that lists payments made by the Commonwealth to any prime contractor was expected to go live by the end of last month.  We will let you know as soon as it does.

  • Maryland. – ASA is seeking to have payment bonds placed on a public website so that contractors can access them any time it is needed to assure payment on work for the State of Maryland.  On the recommendation by the Executive Director of the Board of Public Works we appealed to that board to make payment bonds accessible publically. 

  • District of Columbia – ACE and ASA will oppose B22-0046 which moves payments on work for the District from the Department of General Services to the Office of Contracts and Procurement.  We do not want to start all over again with a new agency getting the payment protections we have worked to obtain.


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Member Updates

  • It is our pleasure to welcome Onyx Construction Group in Fairfax to our family of the Best Subcontractors in the DMV.  We look forward to seeing Edgar Uriona and his team at our events.

  • It is our pleasure to also welcome SCCP, LLC in Ijamsville.  John Sulmonte and is team were at the last two events and are a welcome addition to the growing family of the best subcontractors in the DMV. 

  • We also are pleased to welcome Cameron Building Envelope Specialists in Elkridge.  Look for Scott Cameron and his team at our upcoming events.



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