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Executive Director's Report

It’s Here! Transparent Payment in DC – Not everything we hoped for but a great beginning, as the District of Columbia has come forth with a Website that list payments.  By clicking here, you will see payments made by the District since November.  If you are awaiting payment from a prime contractor, do a name search and see if your prime has been paid.  DC Law requires primes to pay their subs within seven days after receipt of payment from the Owner.  Let me know what you think.  Does this help you at all?  Let me know how it can be improved.  I also need to know if this does not help.  Just reply to this email.

SUBBYs is Iconic and we have the Columns to Prove it The SUBBY Award recipients receive an iconic column award that is a symbol of our region.  If you look at many of our most notable buildings in the District, you will see the iconic columns. The same is true for Richmond and Annapolis.  

Want to win a free registration to SUBBYs?  Just take a selfie with an iconic column behind you, email it to ike@asamw.org and you will be entered in a drawing for a free registration for this year or next year’s SUBBYs (your choice).  Deadline is next Friday.

Who will win at SUBBYs?  All nominees are winners, but only one can take home the iconic column for each category.  Mark Twain, Curtis Blues and, for the third year in a row, Round Midnight will provide the night’s entertainment.  The Showboat Extravaganza embarks from the Omni Shoreham on Feb. 25th. at 6:00 PM.  Click here to purchase tickets to this outstanding event. 

All of DC’s major construction companies will be at SUBBY’s, will you be there?  Register today

Change Orders in Maryland:  An excellent document provided by ASA’s General Counsel, Andy Cook and Board Member, Lauren McLaughlin, enabled ASA to write to Maryland Department of General Services asking for additional protections for Subcontractors in Change Orders by the State.  A copy of the letter sent to DGS is available by request to ike@asamw.org.  You may also receive a copy of the document written by Cook and McLaughlin by similar request. 

Transparent Payment in Maryland – Next Thursday, ASA President Jonathan Mitz and I will meet with the Comptroller of Maryland on a payment Website that will provide the information subcontractors need in order to protect payments for work completed for the state.  We will offer the examples of work in Virginia and DC to start with.  Your comments and concerns are always welcome as we address your payment issues. 

How to Negotiate A Fair Payment Clause: Your National office has an excellent script for how to negotiate a fair payment clause with your GC partner.  Members can click on Negotiating the Payment Clause: A Script (you may have to login) to access a paper and script for payment discussions with a General Contractor.  As explained at last week’s SIE, we have a limited window of time to clear up the payment issues facing subcontractors.  Let’s all become sophisticated negotiators of fair subcontracts.  On April 13th at HITT, members and guests will have a great opportunity to learn subcontract negotiation, as our legal experts present a session on Killer Clauses.  More information available by clicking here.    

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Advocacy Issues

  • Virginia –  While working with Virginia’s Department of General Services on payment transparency (see the previous edition of this eNewsletter), we are monitoring current bills being introduced in the fast moving Legislature, that ends Feb. 25th.  On Feb. 8th bills that did not move from the chamber in which they were introduced were dead for this session.        

  • Maryland. – Other than transparency regulation as described above, the major piece of legislation is Family Sick and Safe Leave Legislation.  Two bills are being considered.  ASA and ACE support Governor Hogan’s bill that exempts construction. 

  • District of Columbia – We will continue to work with DGS on improving the transparent payment website that is revealed in the accompanying article.  It looks like the District’s Sick and Safe legislation, known as Universal Paid Leave, will become law.  The Mayor did not veto the legislation but returned it unsigned.  The drama continues as it goes to the US Congress for review.    

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Member Updates

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