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Executive Director's Report

SUBBY Nominations Require Your Attention  – We need SUBBY nominations from your company, so the deadline has been extended.  Incentivize your PMs and Estimators to complete a nomination and fill one out yourself.  You may submit online or print out this document and submit via email to ike@asamw.org. Is there a GC you would nominate in any of these categories?

General Contractor Superintendent of the Year
General Contractor Project Manager of the Year
General Contractor Safety Program
Best General Contractor National
Best General Contractor Local/Regional
Best Emerging General Contractor
Best GC for Small Businesses
Forward Thinking General Contractor
Great Team
Industry Achievement

Subbys will be held the evening of February 23, 2019.  Plan now to be at the 55th Annual SUBBY Awards Gala.  Each year it gets better and this year will be no exception.  Visit the ASAMW website for more information and to reserve your seats today.

Stop SEXual Harassment – What are you doing to end sexual harassment around you?  It is not a joke anymore.  At Wednesday’s breakfast session, led by ASAMW member Lerch, Early and Brewer, members were reminded that today is a good time to tell your team that sexual harassment will not be condoned.  If it happens take immediate and appropriate corrective action.  Company leadership sets the tone.  Also, if you encounter a positive test for marijuana, it is best to engage the employee in a conversation before you show them the door.  Plan that conversation now. 

Work Picture Fluctuates – Residential building starts took a 54 percent dip in October, while nonresidential grew 49 percent.  Total building for the year is up 24 percent.  This information on construction in the DMV is provided by Dodge Data & Analytics. 

Amazon Coming to NYC, Too – By now you know that Amazon is coming to Arlington, VA and Queens, NY.  Our Sister Chapter, Subcontractors Trade Association reports that 4-8 million sq feet will be built along the Queens Waterfront.  Half of the payments Amazon will make to New York City are for the Long Island City neighborhood and not for the Amazon Campus. It will be interesting to see how Arlington fairs in needed infrastructure improvements. 

Are You Working for the State of Maryland?  Please report any issues you are having with Change Orders on work for Maryland.  In correspondence with MD DGS, the Assistant Secretary has offered to research any problems we encounter.  New regulations on change orders should ensure a smooth process through payment. 

Project Managers Workshop for Subcontractors – ASAMW’s popular Project Manager’s Workshop will begin on January 15, 2019 (note date change for first of six classes).  This popular workshop fills up fast. Click here for more information and to register your up and coming PMs.

Churchey to hold ASA Webinar on Change Orders –  Register here to listen in on ASAMW President Ron Churchey, as he presents a Webinar on Change Orders using data his committee has collected from a team of industry experts from GCs and other Subcontractors that are part of this chapter.   It's a good use of time, and its FREE! 

New 2019 Revenue Recognition Rules for Financial Statements – Members should be aware of recognition rules which will take effect for private companies in 2019. This will affect how member companies record financial statement revenue and expenses, which previously would have been reported for most under percentage completion. This new revenue recognition would not affect business income tax returns. Thanks to Thomas B. Bailey IV, CPA, CVA, Principal at Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell for this information.

What Subs are saying about Marijuana – Most report they follow the Federal regulations that make Marijuana an illegal drug – therefore it is not allowed and grounds for termination. 

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Advocacy Issues

  • Virginia – ASA and its lobbying partner ACE will support a Reception at the opening session of the Legislature on January 9 in Richmond. Any interested member in Virginia is invited.  Please let me know.      

  • District of Columbia – Bills to be introduced. ASA, in conjunction with WCS Construction, will have an informational program on First Source at the WCS’s new office on January 8.  If you plan to work in the District, plan to be there.

  • Maryland – The Annual Legislative Dinner with members of the MD State House and Senate committees will be held on February 6 in Annapolis.

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