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Executive Director's Report

Are you a Sub-Sub / Do You Supervise your Subs? If you ever subcontract some of your work to another subcontractor, then there are several issues to consider – both practical and legal.  If you are ever a sub to a sub then you will have a lot to offer to the discussion.  Join us at Suntrust Bank Building in Vienna on the morning of June 19 for a breakfast discussion of supervision of subcontractor’s subcontractors.  Click here for more information and to register.

ASA’s IESG supporters raised this issue.  Do you agree that it needs to be addressed?  What are your responsibilities as a subcontractor or as a sub-subcontractor?  The answers are not evident yet, but we will come together to come up with solutions.  Register here.

Wish you were with us at Management Education Day at MGM – On June 1 ASAMW held its biggest full day educational program ever.  There were 12 sessions covering topics relevant to subcontractors regarding technology, finance and legal issues.  This program was generously sponsored by the law firm of Smith Currie who contributed many subject matter experts as speakers.  We also had speakers from Insurance Associates, Lanigan Ryan Malcolm and Doyle, K&L Gates, 3C Solutions, and more.  The day’s agenda offered plenty of opportunities for networking.  From the initial feedback, the attendees praised the program and asked it can be offered again.

Meeting with MWAA – The main issues to be addressed in our June 29th meeting with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) are lowering deductibles (safety obligations) and fair change order rates.  If you have any other issue with this major construction buyer, please reply to this email so that Ike can give you a call. 

Dues Notices included an Advocacy Request – Have you paid your dues for 2018/19?  Did you include a donation to the ASAMW Advocacy Fund?  There is a yellow highlighted section on your dues invoice that allows for an additional donation that will only be used for advocacy purposes.  This fund was depleted in 2018 and now needs to be replenished.  If you would like to donate now, just click here and donate to your Advocacy Fund.  Please reply to this email if you have NOT received your invoice for 2018/19 dues.

You Can be a Member of both Baltimore and Metro Washington for One Lower Fee – Joint membership in both Baltimore and Metro Washington ASA is lower than joining both separately.  Please reply to this or email ike@asamw.org and we will get the necessary information to you.

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Advocacy Issues

  • Virginia – The budget battle is over and we await meetings with other construction entities on entrusting payments to subcontractors
  • District of Columbia - Three members who reside in DC will testify on the First Source Program at a public oversight hearing of Councilmember Silverman’s Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

  • Maryland – Election results for primaries are in and general elections for all state offices will take place on Oct. 25th.

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Member Updates


  • Lynne Cook, Early, Cassidy & Schilling LLC’s EVP and Principal was awarded the John Jack J. Curtin, Jr. President’s Award for distinguished service by the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP).

  • Shapiro & Duncan raises $15k for Junior Achievement. Click here for the press release about this impressive accomplishment for the community.

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