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Executive Director's Report

Do You Have a Risk Philosophy? – 25 percent of ASAMW’s subcontractor members attended a session in Alexandria on Tuesday to discuss how each company member assesses the risk on a job before deciding to bid and then what to do after the bid to make sure the company is protected from a loss.  Do you have a risk philosophy? 

We hope that each member does have a risk philosophy and studies each contract to make sure the company is protected. 

Any member may request by email a copy of the powerpoint and handouts from this meeting.

HENLEY/ASAMW Golf Will Go On! – We hope those reading this will think of the able golfers willing to brave the weather for the Annual Spring Golf Outing.  Shotgun Start has been moved forward to 9:00 am.  Watch for the results in the next eNewsletter.

Time to Start Record Keeping for DC’s Paid Family Leave – If your employees work in DC, then you should be recording their DC hours the same as you do for Unemployment Insurance, but compute the .62% (.0062) for the Paid Family Leave Act.  Collected funds will be due on July 1, 2019 for the previous quarter (starting April 1, 2019).  Posters must be placed on job sites beginning Jan. 1, 2020.  Detailed information is at http://doespfl.wpengine.com/

National Subcontractors Alliance – ASAMW participated in the National Subcontractors Alliance conference again this year.  Jonathan Mitz, a past president of ASAMW was re-elected to the NSA executive board.  The NSA, which represents about 4000 subcontractors and construction service providers, provides a forum to exchange information and influence the national debate on construction issues. At this year’s conference the NSA board of directors, which includes Ike Casey, agreed to initiatives which will further the mission in three ways:  improve communications with associations and their members, increase educational opportunities for subcontractors at future conferences, and to cooperate with other associations representing subcontractors.    

Official Annual Meeting Notice – As required by the bylaws of ASA of Metro Washington, the Annual Meeting of the association will be held on May 28th in Bethesda starting at 5:30pm.  Specific information will follow.

Do You Want / or DO You Now Work for MWAA – The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is seeking contractors to complete the large volume of work they have coming up over the next few years.  Kimberlee Driggs (D2 LLC) is the MWAA Champion for ASAMW and is seeking improvements in the MWAA processes to make work more attractive to our members.  If you are interested in receiving regular updates about the work in your trade, reply to this email and we will send you information on upcoming jobs.  In the meantime, if you are working on MWAA jobs and have issues you think ASAMW can address, please reply to this email.  Issues we hope to address include: payment, scheduling, submittal process, material approval and more.

Register now open for the 2019 Mid Atlantic Construction Safety Conference (MACSC 2019), Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at Martin’s Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD.  Click here to register.  This year’s Keynote speaker is Chief Richard Picciotto, FDNY Chief and Highest Ranking Firefighter to Survive the World Trade Center Collapse, with a presentation entitled Last Man Down: A Fireman’s Story.

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Advocacy Issues

  • District of Columbia – We Need Examples – Councilmember Anita Bonds is prepared to offer legislation on Anti-indemnity and no right of offset, but we need your examples of cases in which your company has been harmed by either or both of these clauses. Contact Ike for further explanation. 

  • Maryland – Members did their Part! Because a number of you wrote members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, HB 1231 passed the committee and then the Legislature.  It must be signed by the Governor by May 31 and then take effect on Oct. 1, 2019.  The law will limit the amount of time a contractor can hold retainage on a subcontractor.   



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Member Updates

  • Steele Foundation - The Washington Business Journal has honored 51-year-old Steele Foundation LLC as one of the top multi-generational family-owned businesses in Greater Washington, in its fourth annual Family-Owned Business Awards competition. Steele Foundation is one of only 15 family-owned businesses in this region to receive this year’s honor, which exemplifies “overall excellence, innovation, ethics and philanthropy.” Steele joined ASA 50 years ago.

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