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Executive Director's Report

President’s Message  As my term as president comes to a conclusion June 30, I have to admit that I have been surrounded by talented board members, advisors, and association staff who have done the heavy lifting, so to speak, when it comes to membership growth, production of meaningful programs, and terrific legislative successes.  They elevated the association’s relevance and furthered our mission.  I want to thank them for their dedication and for putting up with my personality disorders.  This next year I continue on the board with the title of immediate past president, and I plan to be just as involved.  I look forward to seeing you at some of the many outstanding programs we have planned.  Jonathan Mitz

DC DGS Website is ImprovedOn District Work for the Department of General Services (DGS) you can learn what a prime contractor has been paid. Click here for the DGS procurement website that includes a searchable database.  According to DC Law, subcontractors working in the District should receive payment from a prime contractor seven days after the prime has received payment.  We will continue to work with DGS for more useful information on this site.  Please let us know what you think and how it can be improved. 

The Trump Effect More than 50 members and prospective members met at Maggiano’s in Tysons for the June 20th general membership meeting.  We were treated to a non-partisan assessment of the Trump administration’s construction based initiatives, what existing regulations Trump might change, and what new regulations Trump might enact.  We were also informed of recent regulations in Maryland that are intended to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to process change orders on most public projects, and to better standardize the procurement process.  Our panelists, Lauren McLaughlin, Andy Cook, Lucas Webster, and Brian Wood are all attorneys who are pro-subcontractor.  They are to be commended for an outstanding presentation of these relevant topics.  

Fraud Can Happen in Your Company Growth Management Solutions, Inc. offers a checklist for internal controls to prevent embezzlement and fraud in your company.  A copy of the checklist is available to anyone who requests by email to ike@asamw.org.  Statistics compiled by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in their 2014 Report to the Nation states:

Small businesses are both disproportionately victimized by fraud and notably under-protected by anti-fraud controls, a combination that makes them significantly vulnerable to this threat.

  • The vast majority of occupational fraudsters (95%) are first-time offenders and 82% of fraudsters had never previously been punished or terminated by an employer for fraud-related conduct.
  • The amount of time from when the fraud commenced until it was detected — for all schemes in the study was 18 months.
  • The median loss per fraud scheme at small businesses is $154,000.
  • It takes time and effort to recover the money stolen by perpetrators. At the time of the survey, 58% of the victim organizations had not recovered any of their losses due to fraud, and only 14% had made a full recovery.
  • Small businesses (defined as those with fewer than 100 employees) were victimized at 28.8%, which is the greatest percentage of all cases reported.
  • Organizations with fewer than 100 employees face different fraud risks than larger organizations. For example, check tampering schemes occurred in 22% of small business cases, but only 7% of cases in larger organizations.

Champions Your most dedicated Board of Directors held a two day retreat at Airlie in Warrenton, VA.  Incoming President Rebecca Price introduced the theme for the coming year:  OUR TEAM, LEARN AND BUILD that will include outstanding programming and effective advocacy to protect the outstanding subcontractors in the DMV. 

A great idea initiated by current President Jonathan Mitz is the naming of Champions.  This is cutting edge thinking for associations – champions instead of committees. A champion steps up when something need to be done, and requires the efforts of one dedicated person.  There will be continuity so that the same person remains the champion year after year until they find a replacement. This way you, as a member, can ask to champion anything that might be of interest to you – even if it is not on this list.  It must meet our mission, but let us know of anything in which YOU might be interested.     

Baseball Tickets Still Available Only a few tickets are left.  Where would you rather be than with your industry colleagues at the Nationals vs. the Cubs on a Thursday afternoon?  On June 29th you will have that opportunity.  Click here to register now.  Tickets are being mailed to your office.  So be on the look-out for them. 

Dues are DueNext Friday your ASA of Metro Washington membership will lapse if you have not paid your dues.  If you have not received an invoice in the mail, or are not sure, please reply to this and we will see if you have paid.  Membership dues are a significant percentage of our annual income and determine our ability to continue to bring about needed improvements for subcontractors in the construction industry.  Thanks for your continued support. 

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Advocacy Issues

  • Virginia – ASA requested that Virginia delay enforcement of Silica Standard until September 23rd, but in a letter from Commissioner of Labor Ray Davenport to ASA that is not possible.  Therefore VOSH is authorized to enforce Silica starting yesterday.  A copy of the letter is available by request to ike@asamw.org.  

  • Maryland. – No report.

  • District of Columbia – The DC Council is still figuring out how it is going to administer and fund the Universal Paid Leave law that will took effect in April.  See article listed above “DC DGS Website is improved” regarding payment.

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Member Updates

  • Forrester is one of the WBJ’s BEST Places to Work for 2017.  Click here to read more about this IESG member that supports our mission.

  • ASAMW’s long time Professional Council member, Councilor, Buchanan and Mitchell merged its tax expertise with Bethesda, MD-based Practitioner William G. Blumenauer, CPA”.  Learn more by clicking here

  •  A hardy ASA of Metro Washington welcome to our newest member who is a familiar face in our region; Neuberger & Company is a well-respected partner that assists a number of ASAMW members.  Contact them to assist with business consultation and sales support.  Look for Chad Prinkey and Doug Lotierzo at future events.

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