The Subby Awards Gala is ASA of Metro Washington’s signature event where the best of the best are recognized for achievements that better the construction industry as a whole. This is your chance to nominate companies and individuals who have made a significant contribution in 2017 to uphold ASAMW’s commitment to  “Better Construction through Fair Construction.” 

Nominations will be accepted from individuals of ASAMW member companies.  Multiple nominations from a single company are encouraged.  The deadline for Submission is November 20, 2017.

GC Job Superintendent of the Year

Please nominate a General Contractor’s field superintendent who deserves acclamation for effective planning and coordination of all trades; who is cooperative and non-confrontational; and who involves subcontractors in project decision making.

GC Project Manager of the Year

Please nominate a General Contractor’s project manager who, throughout the year, has proven superior in communicating effectively, processing change orders expeditiously, and paying in a timely manner, and who goes out of his or her way to help assure a subcontractor's success.

General Contractor Safety Program

Please nominate a General Contractor who creates a safe jobsite culture through planning, leadership and collaboration with subcontractors. This General Contractor takes the effort to assist subcontractors to improve their safety program.

Outstanding General Building Contractor

Please nominate a General Contractor who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fairness in construction through outstanding project administration, efficient field supervision, and fair financial practices, including prompt payment. There are two categories for this award: GCs with a national presence and GCs with local/regional presence. Please nominate in both categories.




Outstanding General Contractor- Pre-Construction Services

Please nominate a General Contractor that demonstrates the highest integrity in its processes for estimating, bidding, and purchasing. This GC exemplifies transparency in its pre-bid scope review, bid day conversations, post-bid communications, comparison of bid scope to final contract scope, and reasonableness to negotiate contract terms and conditions.

Outstanding General Building Contractor- Design Build

Please nominate a General Contractor who achieves superior results performing design-build construction by creating a collaborative goal orientated team, effectively managing the designers, effectively managing owner expectations, meeting design phase and construction phase schedule milestones, defending the subcontractors from scope creep--all while maintaining design excellence and giving the subcontractors the opportunity to make a fair profit.

Outstanding General Building Contractor- Renovation, Restoration, Modernization

Please nominate a General Contractor that performs renovations, restorations, and/or modernizations (not necessarily exclusively) who has demonstrated expertise in this complex process and a commitment to fairness in construction through outstanding project administration.

Great Team

Please nominate a project where all the stakeholders (Owner, Design professionals, General Contractor, Construction Manager (if any) and Subcontractors) came together as a high performing team to produce extraordinary results. Nominate a Project that achieved, or is expected to achieve, occupancy in 2017 and was built by a Great Team.

Developer/Owner of the Year

Please nominate a Developer or Property Owner that works collaboratively with the subcontractor community, understands subcontractors’ needs, and considers them in the development and construction processes. Nominees can include entities who develop/ build on their own land or develop for others.

Special Achievement

Please nominate an individual who has contributed significantly to the construction industry throughout his or her career. This award will be given to the most eligible individual ASA member or non-member, subcontractor, general contractor, public official, architect, engineer, owner, vendor, or industry consultant.

Subcontractor of the Year

Please nominate a peer ASA subcontractor member who embodies the values we strive to emulate on the jobsite, for ASA, and in our community.

Subcontractor Safety Award

Have you created a company culture that embodies safety as its number one priority? This year have you worked alongside a subcontractor that inspires your company to be safer? ASA of Metro Washington wants to recognize the very safest subcontractor. You may nominate your company or a fellow ASA member.



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