In 2011 I felt honored to receive the Arthur C. Meushaw Award for special achievement.  This award has led to a series of very uplifting events in my life involving the George Washington University School of Engineering.  This is why I am contacting you.  I had graduated from the GWU School of Engineering in 1951 with a degree in Civil Engineering, so I called GWU to inform them of the Meushaw award.  Dr, Manzari, the chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering was interested in my life story and contacted me to meet for lunch.

At the lunch together, I told Dr. Manzari that I had to earn my way through GWU because my family could not afford to send me to college.  I also told him that I pitched baseball for 3 years and earned a partial scholarship.  My degree in Civil Engineering opened the door for me to work 55 years in the construction industry.  I was hired by Glen Construction in 1963 and our volume of work was $1.5 million.  I was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 1982.  During the 1980s our volume of work increased to $150 million per year.  I am not saying I was responsible for this, but I was a part of it.

In February 2015 Dr. Manzari invited me to GWU for a personal tour of the new $80 million Science and Engineering Hall on the campus.  After the tour we went back to his office in the new hall and he informed me he was naming his office the "C. Edwin Becraft '51 Office." 

These events all started with the ASA of Metro Washington honoring me with the Arthur C. Meushaw award.  I am very grateful for the award and all that has followed it.  If you are interested, my bio for the GWU website is located at this link:

Ed Becraft


Subby Nominee recognized by GW University