ASA Metro Washington committees work to implement the goals of ASA MW and provide valuable insight on the issues facing the subcontracting industry. Participation in these committees enables members to have a strong voice in the programs in which ASA MW is involved.  Go to the Member Volunteer Checklist to volunteer to support ASA MW activities.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Develops and conducts programs to attract new members; develops prospect lists and develop programs to stimulate recruiting activity.

  • Jeffrey Belfield, Scaffold Resource, Chair

MARKETING COMMITTEE:  Increases the awareness of ASA MW to the current members, potential members and the general public.

  • William Magazine, PCC Construction Components

  • Ryan Hogan, Preferred Insurance

SUBBY COMMITTEE:  Meets weekly to plan every aspect of the Annual Subby's Gala, held this year on March 7, 2015.

  • Mary Whitlow, Wayne Insulation, Chair

  • Patty Peterson, Tindall Corporation

  • Jonathan Mitz, Ennis Electric

  • Ron Churchey, Shapiro & Duncan


FINANCE COMMITTEE:  The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring the financial affairs and assuring the financial integrity of the Association.

  • Rebecca Price, Engineered Services, Chair

  • Patty Peterson, Tindal Corporation

  • Mary Whitlow, Wayne Insulation

  • Jeff Belfield, Scaffold Resource

EDUCATION & PROGRAMS: Identifies and responds to industry needs through educational seminars and programs. Develops, plans and makes arrangements for speakers, topics and locations.  Works with Industry Education Support Group in the development process.


FrontRunners: Identifies, develops and involves future leaders in the construction industry and ensures future leadership of ASAMW.  Ryan Hogan is Chair of this committee.

SAFETY: Informs the membership on safety issues at the local and national levels; schedules  mini-talks at membership meetings; identifies the needs of the membership for educational materials and programs regarding safety issues and complying with OSHA regulations.

SUBCONTRACTOR INFORMATION EXCHANGE, formerly the BUSINESS PRACTICES INFORMATION EXCHANGE: Helps in the collection of customer lists and monitoring of monthly exchange of factual information regarding business practices of general contractors in both public and private construction.

GOVERNMENT/ADVOCACY (DC, MD & VA):Identifies issues of importance and interest to members; formulates courses of action; drafts legislation; meets with members of state and local government.  Participates in coalitions in support of legislation and gathers information from members of construction industry for use in testimony at public hearings.

GOLF COMMITTEE: Plans and conducts ASA MW golf tournaments and formulates ideas for generating revenue.

  • Kevin Gass, Early, Cassidy & Schilling, Chair

  • John Robison, Ennis Electric

PROFESSIONAL COUNCIL:  Available to ASA MW’s service providers (attorneys, accountants, consultants, insurance and surety agents and safety directors).  Answers questions from members at monthly membership meetings; contributes articles; works with Education and Programs Committee on meeting topics and speakers.  Participates in ASA MW's Professional Council “Hotline.”  See Professional Council link above.